Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Good Hello. My first post here is one of three subjects I had to begin my blog. I have decided to post the other subjects at a later date; most possibly, this week. The reason why I am starting my blog with the images of al qaeda terrorists and the three anarchists is in response to the recent burning soldier effigy in Portland video.
What am I trying to connect here? As I see and understand it, masked individuals calling themselves anarchists have seem to always been at liberal based protests. They are some of the most aggressive elements of a typical liberal protest by vandalising property and seem willing to physically confront law enforcement on riot control duty. If their cause is so noble, public and necessary then why hide behind masks? al qaeda, hamas, hizbollah mostly hide behind masks. I have seen several videos of these vile and savage beasts with full face masks while beheading men. At this point, anarchists have not beheaded anyone for the advancement of their cause nor have they strapped an explosive pack of nails to themselves to detonate at a coffeeshop, the local mall or bank. My connection is that neither the masked anarchists or terrorists are doing anything noble. They are both terrorists. One group are operating at an elementary level and the others are the professors with masters degrees.
This includes eco terrorists as ELF and animal rights terrorists as ALF.

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