Tuesday, May 29, 2007

(a followup to 29 Mar 07)
As you have already heard from the past week, rosie has quit her daytime show The View after having her ignorant and bullying butt kicked by Elizabeth Hasselbeck. As I understand it, she quit approximately one month before her official departure from the show. It is evident she is a coward and will not support her own comments when challenged so directly as Elizabeth did. She repeatedly uses lies about the Iraq war civilian casualty account, she is among the millions of ignorant people who does not see the difference of combatting Al Queda in Iraq than attacking Iraqis, she gives passing support to terrorists, made passing accusations that the American soldiers are terrorists, accuses the Administration of being involved with the 9-11 attack, hates Christians and America, and the list continues. rosie and I are opposite in nearly every aspect of existence. I will not lay down my life to protect her right to say anything she desires. She does not and will not respect or appreciate such sacrifice.

As for Donald Trump, I had a neutral acceptance of him. I agreed with his view regarding rosie during the recent battle (because of another ignorant comment started by rosie.). This week I have removed all respect for him after he made disparaging comments about Elizabeth for the simple fact she believe the war is just. I do not remember specifically what he said but you can search for it. He may be a multi billionare; but as anybody else, he has to earn my respect.

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