Thursday, June 21, 2007

This post is to remember my aunt Lillie Ruth Eddings. She died of an aneurysm this day 1986. I can remember the date so specifically because it is also the first day of summer and was buried seven days later. There are so many thoughts running in my head about her life and passing. I think my best option is to jot down the occasional memory instead of a single, major essay to this blog.

One thought about her passing that has been consistent with the passing of other family and friends is that time doe not heal the pain of the loss. For me, time has the opposite effect. I even though I have accepted the death, I will sometimes experience an event or situation to remind me of them being gone. What I do know is that Lillie is a grandmother of two boys and one girl. The eldest grandson will be starting highschool this next school season. Her youngest son, my cousin Bob, is still managing despite his severe disabilities.

Time does not always heal the mournful wound is a harsh lesson.

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