Friday, July 27, 2007

I have a very large backyard. So large I think if I were to remove both storage sheds, I think a small kitbuilt helicopter could land in the space. An untreated field of that size always have a few mice that will eventually find their way into the house each year during this season. This year I tried to get the jump on them by placing sticky mouse traps in certain areas. I did this last night in the mindset they would be active nocturnally.
This morning I went to check and found them missing. It is bad enough I am not a morning person and I am now spending time searching. My brain was still not fully awake; but, was able to understand that both traps should not have disappeared. The initial thought is that the mouse may have been able to drag itself away; but, previous experience with sticky traps tell me that the mice usually get full bodied stuck in the glue.
So where are my sticky traps?!?!?!?!?
Well part of the mystery have been solved in that it revealed to me that nanay Lula had accidently stepped one of the traps but did not know what it was.
As for the first trap? That is definitely a mystery. I am still falling back to the drag away theory. I am looking for it and somehow think the mouse was able to avoid it and harness it for the resources of the mouse.
It is either a dead mouse or a clever mouse.
After moving some furniture, I located the second sticky trap. It was somehow pushed farther into the hidden space between the wall and the furntiture. How this happen is unknown. How it did not get caught on something while being pushed farther is unknown. I am really curious if I have an intelligent rodent adversary...

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