Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I will not ever be as widely read as Michelle Malkin or other bloggers; but, I am contributing my comparatively small part in regards to this terrible report. From what I have observed so far, it is not getting much media attention outside of the internet blogs. It is not getting attention it is so needed here in the US. What does seem to be getting USmedia attention are: Michael Vick and the dog fighting charges, another lindsay lohan drunk driving bust and the CNN/YouTube democrat debate.
There is nothing posted at Human Rights Watch. The top report there is of mandatory US laws deporting illegal aliens are harming families. Then it reports globally. I went to the Asia section then specifically to Afghanistan and nothing was mentioned of the South Koreans. The first page of Amnesty International is asking for donations. Nothing was mentioned of the South Korean either. It is quite obvious to me in that if the South Koreans were not Christian, then there would be more coverage. Hopefully I am doing my part of blogging this. As I said at the beginning, I will not be a widely read as Michelle; but, at least I has some sense to document it.
These are the original reporting links:

These fine handsome gentlemen are the higher officers of the taliban in Afghanistan. They are not the actual kidnappers; but, are examples of what the savage beasts look like.

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