Friday, July 20, 2007

It seems there was an earthquake this morning about 4:42am. I remember waking up and rolling over, then checking the time and going back to sleep; but, nothing about the quake. I do not recall feeling any shaking or jolts to wake me up. The last quake I remember was a definite jolter. I was in bed and just fallen asleep then suddenly felt a hard single shake. I think there was a quick noise; but simply do not remember.
What I find humorous about earthquakes is that my cockatiel Larry has never gone freakish before a quake. I have heard many stories of animals getting agitated before an event; but, Larry is not among those anecdotal stories. I like to joke and say Larry is simply too dumb as a bird to be able to forecast a quake or other natural disaster. Proof of my statement is that he mostly goes ballistic at the sound of sirens from emergency vehicles.
I have lived in California for most of my life and can recall most of the earthquakes during that time. I have adapted to this form of natural geological event. I can handle quakes. I have never experienced, tornadoes, hurricanes or typhoons and I hope I never do.

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