Friday, August 31, 2007

American director Brian DePalma is gloating like a happy parasite regarding his new anti war anti military piece. He really thinks it will cause the American people to become anti war idiots like him. I will never understand the mentality to openly denigrate the very thing that provides so much for an individual. I see nothing patriotic to accuse your sovereign country as some horrible and corrupt land. I personally think it is highly offensive and ignorant to foolishly accuse your country's warrior/defenders with a general statement of terrible crimes. I will admit easily some specific soldiers have crossed the line clearly laid forth regarding conduct. What some politicians and celebrities are saying and doing in against the soldiers and country is simply wrong and is giving support to the islamic enemy. There is not gray area here. There is no reason to make it so complex that you have no idea where your opinions be. This is one of the few times I will not respect you more because you are honest enough to be true enough to admit your hatred and disgust to the military and country as opposed to the hypocrit who has the audacity to say "Support the Troops, Bring them Home!" or "I support the Troops; but, not their mission."

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