Tuesday, August 21, 2007

As I have mentioned before with other topics, there are far more visible bloggers than me so I am trying not to follow the blogherd and post the same you can read elswhere. Sometimes there is an article that does grab me in such a way that I do want to respond regardless of who will probably never see this blog.

I have always had the view of criminality of illegal immigration for several reasons. A sovereign nation has the need to impose specified procedures in order to become a citizen of that country. It must have some sense of control of who comes into the country regardless to visit or to reside, to work or for vacation. When a person enters with the intent to bypass the procedures or if a visitor overstays their intended visitation then they are in the country illegally and deserving of whatever the punishment is required. I have no compassion for the illegal immigrant regardless of the reasons they arrived here. I am not interested if the il-im was able to establish themselves as a good person for several years. In fact, I have less compassion for that type of person. They have had plenty of time and opportunities to rectify their illegal status and become citizens.

Mark Brown has written an article in regards to il-im elvira arellano. The title of his article is She's gone, do you want rest gone too? My answer is yes for the single reason of their presence is illegal. There is no complications to understanding it. When you do something wrong then you must accept the consequence of punishment NOT reward. If you lie to court then your crime is perjury, if you drive without proof of insurance or a valid license then the car can be confiscated. If you steal then you are a thief/burgler.

One of the sentences he writes is a silly notion to deport the 12 million to Mexico also. This is foolish and the il-im supporters have molded the arguement this way. Obviously not all 12 million are Mexican; but, to simply say illegal immigration and the first mental image somebody gets is a hispanic person. The rest of the article in my view predictably slants liberally left and I'm in no mood or have a desire to go point by point of his article of what I not impressed with it.

It seems that Esther J Cepeda has a dim view of elvira arellano.

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