Wednesday, August 29, 2007

As mentioned before, one of the favorite "together moments" with my niece Shasa and me is to watch some of the Youtube videos. MirCat is so right. It is highly addictive. This morning Shasa pestered me to bring on the Happy Feet version of Boogie Wonderland. I'm not entirely crazy to either hear or watch it; but, it is interesting to watch her sing and dance to it.
After two consecutive showings of the Happy Feet version, I wanted to hear and see the orginal version by Earth Wind & Fire. It brought back good memories of the seventies (despite the constant put down the decade is contantly getting bashed for) I happen to look over to Shasa and she was dumbfounded. She stood there unimpressed then half way the video, she blurted she did not like it and was quite dismissive of the EWF version as only a 3 year old could do.I'm now recalling some other orginally adult songs redone for childrens consumption such especially by Alvin_and_the_Chipmunks.

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