Sunday, August 05, 2007

I was driving home the other day and happened to see a car in the other lane ahead of me with several stickers on the back. Firstly, I knew I was about to read (in my opinion) some amusingly stupid stickers in considering the car was one of the ill conceived hybrid types. The stickers had a democrat liberal bias. The two that I was able to read were 'John Edwards for President' and 'Support the troops, bring them home.' It was the troops sticker that really seems to me that the person who either placed it or the person who approved to have the sticker (maybe the same person) has no true understanding of the military. To say that in my opinion and thinking is the same as saying

Support the firefighters, keep them from burning buildings.
Support the pilots, don't let them fly.
Support the doctors, keep them from hospitals
Support the police, don't let them enforce the law.
Support the EMTs, don't let them save lives.

The military is all volunteer. The men and women have chosen a profession that requires training to fight. They are the modern day warriors. Their profession is to kill the enemy; not perform negotiations, not debate. If we not allow them to do the very task they chose then who will defend us against an agressive enemy intent on murdering us?
Sometimes talking and negotiating is viable; but, what of the moment when they have broken down? What options are left if the person opposite of you is not interest to negotiate and wants your submission or destruction?

We need the firefighters, pilots, doctors, police, EMTs and the military.
We dont need the so called liberal enlightenment.

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