Saturday, August 11, 2007

Once again, san francisco has demonstrated a 'stuck on stupid' mentality. It is a common path of thinking about gun controllers and anti gun zealots is to suggest that hyperstrict laws against sales and ownership will curtail the gun flow. Have they ever considered the criminals will not go through background checks; not complete all the required training and forms? Because of some stupid phobia or overall ignorance in regards to firearms in general, this mentality will plague the responsible gun user and gun owner.
So these social idiots want the govenenor to ban gunshows at Cal Expo to stem the guncrime in san francisco. Do they also want the govenor to ban gunshows in Vallejo, Oakland, and other cities and towns in California? The level of social stupidity as demonstrated by san francisco will never be a stunning surprise to me.

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OT... I enjoyed your recent posting at HotAir re. flying rods. Check out
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