Saturday, August 25, 2007

One of my current movie fave is Stealth. I remember when it first came out, nearly everybody thought it was a terrible movie. Wikipedia has it listed as one of the box office bombs and Rotten Tomatoes has a plethora of negative reviews. I easily admit there were some moments of the story and production concepts that I was not impressed with; but overall, I bought the Dvd and will take a pause when it shows up on one of the movie channels on cable.

One of my most favorite scenes is when the Talons and EDI are redirected to Rangoon to strike a mobilizing terrorist meeting. It is an overhead shot of the four aircraft sliding into a delta formation and increasing speed. What impresses me about the scene is the visual of pure accelerated power mixed with the calm female AI voice noting the increasing speed: Mach1... Mach2... Mach3... Mach4. The other scene is still in Rangoon and Talon 1 does a 2070 knot dead vertical dive to assist the bomb penetration of the building the terrorists are using. The arial combat scenes are fast and furious ( yes, that description was intentional. heheheh)

In searching for a video for this post, I found an awesome fan vid fom Youtube member Atigerclaw. Both the soundtrack and editing each qualifies as a double thumbs up. His website is here. He has other soundtracks that are worth listening to.

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