Thursday, August 30, 2007

This is just another eyerolling event. This is my opinion to prove that the public school system is doing nothing but cultivating a generation of weak & incapable Americans. This post is from Fox News dated 2002. I blink in dumbfoundedness because the Santa Monica school banned tag for the silly idea it creates self-esteem issues among weaker and slower children. When I worked with mentally disabled adults and teens, they were thrilled, estatic, etc... to participate in activities that was beyond their capabilities. They simply enjoyed being included regardless of their skills. The pathetic reverse is fully functioning children are whining because they are probably the first ones targeted. Perhaps some playground evolution is needed here. Learn to evade tagging or get tagged.

I remember the big stink about banning dodgeball such as here and here


In gathering some details for the above post, I came across the Zero Intelligence website. I obviously liked what I saw about the site so I naturally included it among my jumpgate to other links. As a courtesy, I sent an email to the admin of the site that I was including on of their articles and added their link to this blog. I received a reply in that I was offered to write articles for them starting with the ban of the game of tag. All I can say is wow! I hope I can write well enough for them to appreciate it.

Prayers for excellent writing ability.

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