Wednesday, August 01, 2007

South Korean Hostages

In the last few months I have been making posts to my blog, I only have 33 recorded visits and perhaps 4 comments. I have to some degree accepted my level of insignificance on the internet as there are much more visible sites available. I have honestly tried to keep the events as current as all possible.

This is a link to another blog (to which I found from Michelle Malkin's site.)
I cannot begin to describe my frustration regarding the lack of coverage for the South Koreans. The other day, I spent two hours on Fox in the anticpation of a report of the second hostage murder (Shepard Smith then Bill O'Reilly); but, nothing was mentioned. It could almost be said the reporting of the situation is and Internet only story; but, not all of the links are constantly reporting it. I admit I am not going deep into the specific website. Michelle Malkin and the Hot Air sites are the only sites that seem to be the only blog and newsite/discussion links that have been keeping up to date.

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