Monday, August 13, 2007

South Korean Hostages

Just came from Michelle's blog to find this report linked:

My posting makes it day 25 for them. Still no great outcry for their behalf. Last Friday, Hal Lindsey spoke of them at length. I have come to the attitude not to expect the MSM to report anything. I barely remember the reporting of the two murdered men (or did I merely metally fabricate the report?) I am no longer shocked or offended or bothered by the lack of interest. It is the same mindset that I do not feel shocked or stunned to see a predator aggressively take down its prey. It is the nature of things. Just as the important topics of the MSM are the latest hollywood and sports gossip; liberal and social causes.
Suddenly, I'm getting thoughts of the US Embassy hostages held captive by Iranian militants. I vaguely remember it. One part I do is the failed rescue attempt and the photo of the charred remains of the helicopter on the cover of Newseek(or Time). I pray the South Koreans will not have to endure such a lengthy captivity.

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