Wednesday, September 19, 2007

After reading dennis kucinich travelling to Syria and shunning the American troops in Iraq, I finally decided to openly question the patriotism of some of the Americans here stateside and abroad. I had a growing list of perople I questioned from politicians as dennis, jack murtha, john edwards, and harry reid to "entertainers" as natalie maines, harry belafonte, and mos def to civilian cads as michael moore, lynne stewart, cindy sheehan and websites as democratic, My list had specific statements and/or actions by the persons I questioned. It was slowly becoming evident to me the list was rapidly growing just because I was now quetioning people only before I would in my best give a neutral pass as disagreement.

In my searches, I came across this site that essentially already has the names and profiles of the American left. Some of the names are non American. Even though my gripe is of the unpatriotic American, it is informative to know the other names and profiles listed.

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