Thursday, September 27, 2007

Once again I am getting caught up with the current events locally, nationally and globally.

Locally, I was focused on the latest military hatred from soddom/gomorrah of California and a ginormously stupid moron desiring the extinction of the humans.

Nationally, the subjects were of the unpatriotism of katie couric, another idiot mushbrained highschool jerkette protest the Pledge of Allegiance and illegal aliens suing the state because they are deluded to believe they have certain rights regardless of their illegal status.

Globally, palestinian terrorists have invited rosie o'donnell to visit to gain further knowledge of 'their truth'. (do they realize she is a bigoted lesbian?!); a UK father is challenging the bogus global warming hype featured in in algore's dvd for distribution to schools and Japan has created a see through frog and Austrian animal zealots have been denied by the Courts to declare a chimpanzee a person.

I am really trying hard to balance the current events I find interesting as well as personal moments. It seems the simple act of daily blogging has become an addicting obsession. But then again, I have been keeping journals since 1976. I think the years of 1987-1992 are what I consider the dark years as I did not keep a journal of any kind. I truly wished I had. One one occasion, I thought about a special journal to recall some of the events and moments of my life.

As I think about it, I intend to.

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