Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The pathetic jerkwad supervisor on a jihad to ban the Blue Angels failed in his efforts once again. I have read some comments from others regarding the reports of the idiots refusing to let the Marines film a reqruiting commercial suggesting a dreamy; but, unlikley solution. Since soddom/gomorrah of California has consistently been disrespectful to the military in various ways, then the military branches should give serious consideration to save the city from any form of disaster be it man made or natural. The Federal agencies should also give serious thought to offer any services to that cesspool. Just cut off all federal and state funding since they seem to be so dismissive of Sacramento and DC only when it is for some gobsmakingly stupid action to pleasure their bellies of ignorance.

As if you have not by now become aware of my total disgust and pure disrespect of san francisco, this is the transcript of an episode of Hannity & Colmes when jerkwad supervisor gerado sandoval was asked repeatedly if the United States should have a military then later suggested his city will be a sanctuary city and not assist the Federal agencies regarding illegal aliens solely because of stupidly partisan reasons.

I am honestly trying not to wish harm or ill to an entire city; but, the incredible and dangerous mindset of such a once beautiful city is getting more difficult with each report of grand idiots living and working there.

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