Monday, September 10, 2007

There are some things you should never ever do or say regardless how hip, racy, or politically impressive just to collect favor from friends and associates. American entertainment celebrities, politicians, and educators take great delight to be vulgar, derogatory and blasphemous. Kathy Griffin won an emmy and gloated Jesus had nothing to do with her win and the award was her god. I never found her sense of comedy funny or worth my time and her recent comment regarding her emmy only confirms my non interest of her.

Another celebrity that has unthinkingly proclaimed their general ignorance of the global situation and their disgust of the American society that they have gained such success from is 'artist/activist' mos def. I thought he was somewhat amusing as the character Ford Prefect in the movie adaptation of The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. He has demonstrated his ignorance of history and his support of terrorism by accusing America as the primary cause. He is just another so called celebrity I will hesitate to spend money to see in the movies. I am positive (as I know the sun rises in the east) I will never ever desire to see him in any concert venue.

One of the most vile politically left sites is wonkette as demonstrated by this. They are typical of the politically left that I have visited. They take such pride in themselves to create and perpetuate gossip, lies, hypocrisy and their overall ignorance. The other vile left sites I can think of are:, democratic underground, daily kos, huffington post.

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