Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yesterday, Robert and Judy arrived waiting for Bob to offload from the PACE bus and come in with him. I informed Robert of the accusation of abuse and investigation. He cheefully admitted and repeated the accusation and tried to follow Bob. I said to Robert he is no longer allowed to make unannounced visits and come in the house because of the investigation. Robert got in my face with fists at the ready and said I can't stop him from seeing Bob. My only reply was for Robert to step back away from my face. He did step back and challenged me again with gestures and shouted what was I going to do about it? My reply was I would call the police. At this point, Judy took Robert by the arm and they left to their car. Robert continued to make threats of reporting me for abuse and they drove away. About 30 minutes later, Bob had two epileptic seizures totalling nearly 1 1/2 minutes in duration. Because of the accusation of abuse, investigation, yesterdays confrontation and Bob's double seizure, North Bay Regional Center (the overall social protection agency) said that Robert is not allowed to see Bob until Robert gets some kind of verified medical help. Bob's client services coordinator said that a letter to Robert informing should be sent to him. My problem is that we have neither a phone number or address. He has always refused to give them and we never insisted to have them either.

It is going to get ugly, this situation.

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