Friday, October 12, 2007

Well this my offical notification of my trip to the Philippines.
This is the itinerary I will be using: I will be departing san francisco 25 Oct. 1030 Pm then arrive to Guam 300 Am (because I will be travelling across the date line, it will be 27 Oct.) Next after a 50 minute layover, I depart Guam then arrive to Manila approx 520 Am. Merly's niece Eunice, elder brother William and eldest sister Loly will meet me then I will transfer for my next flight from Manila to Tacloban. I will meet Merly and Pastor Ronnie in Tacloban. From Tacloban we drive to Naval, Biliran. I will be staying until 5 November than trek back home. The first map shows the route from san francisco to Manila via Guam. On the next map of the Philippines, follow the red line from Manila to Tacloban on Samar island. Biliran island is on the west side of Samar just below the 12th parallel. (The provincial map of Biliran, Leyte and Samar is large and will take a few moments to load.) Merly's barangay Caray Caray(neighborhood district) is not far from the capital Naval.

Travelling to the Philippines is my very first time I will go to another country and my first flight in over 10 years. I am nervously excited to fly and to meet all of Merly's friends and relatives. I am so amazed to know so many people are happily waiting to meet me. I am trying hard to keep a humble opinion; but to be honest, it does feel nice to know a good reception is awaiting me.
I will continue to keep a journal in the most traditional sense. I will hand write.
14 days until departure.

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