Saturday, November 10, 2007

As previously noted, I have been trying to balance my blog with personal entries along with current events that are of importance to me. It seemed to me that all I was doing was simply repeating what more visible sites have been reporting. I admit I was addicted to the current events because of how bizarre the subjects have been.

I have had the most pleasant opportunity to spend a fantabulous week with my Merlywinda in the Philippines then spend another week acclimating back to live here Stateside. My thoughts then and still do now flood me with memories of the best time of my life literally. So much so I am writing a separate blog of the time with her. What I am trying to say is that I have had two weeks of not reporting or repeating any current events. Even though I did a quick look at some of my favorite sites, today is my first day to actually look at some of the subject titles of the articles and read the poster comments.

My conclusion is that I would like to think that I have finally been able to wean myself off of the current events track. Most of the articles are about how typically bigoted, intolerance, basically stupid and mostly how out of phase the liberal, secular politcally democratic left some people are. It is not that I was expecting some kind of change while I was away; rather, I have no need to repost them. I still hold the observable opinion I am not a blogger that is widely read. I am totally fine with it. It would be nice to recieve a comment once in a while; but, I am not basing my entire blog for comments. I have the long time urge to write.

So I weirdly conclude that I will still continue to write as I observe the world around me and strive to write more to a personal level. As a matter of fact, I need to get back to detailing my ten days with Merly.

Cyah later and if you are so inclined check out the other blog.

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