Friday, November 30, 2007

Even though there is approximately just under 3 hours left in this day, I have once again not posted a Friday Funnie. Today's omission now stands as no funnie since before my trip to Merly.
Speaking of which, I am still busy writing about my 10 days in the Philippines. I would like to think I have weaned myself off from the obsessive need to post daily entries of national and global current events. There have been moments I wanted to post an entry; such as the latest bogus outrage from the savage beasts involving stuffed bears, but I refrained simply because (A)more prominent sites are covering the story and (B) I expect nothing but ignorance from the 2 legged maggots as based on my previous related entries.

Anyway, I am having a nice pleasant time recalling my 10 days. When I close my eyes I can see myself back in Biliran with Merly. Now I have a better sense of locations when Merly tells me about her day. I have also considered publishing the journal. It would be real nice to see it as a non fiction book.
Oh my mind is now racing with the thought of publishing. I should get back to the journal heheheheh

If I have time, I will post a Funnie this weekend.

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