Thursday, December 27, 2007

This is the face of a liberal, ignorant, jerkwad maggot. The maggot's name is david lindorff. He recently wrote an article to gloat about his pathetic fantasy of hoping for mass killing by way of drowning for denying the called global warming hoax. It is his desire for all that oppose and disagree with his ignorance such as me and millions of other intelligent people to die away. Those that survive be quartered in slums of his control as punishment for not accepting the GW hoax.
I have had it with arrogant liberals as lindorff pretending to be compassionate, open minded and all of the descriptives they use for themselves when reality is that they are the most violent, bigoted, racist, sexist, ignorant, unpatriotic, Godless animals to exist on the planet. It is easy to find evidence of my accusations; so, please do not be so shocked. The true problem is that most of the media enablers look the other way when liberals are revealed to be the beastly beings they are. Any attempts to call some type of moral equivalence that conservatism is just as bad is pure bogus mutterings.
I refuse to even consider any possibility of man made global warming is because the methods to predict such events are not accurate. Meteorologists of today can not give an accurate prediction of weather weeks or months in advance, yet I am supposed to believe a slight degree in temperature increase is true and without question? I will admit and agree to the history of climatic weather changes of the past; but, with the current liberal thinking of man made global warming is a so call fact I will never ever agree to or accept.

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