Tuesday, June 03, 2008

There was an earthquake this evening. I was in Bob's room and just started to chat with him when I felt the strong momentary shake and short rumble. I did not lose my balance; but, felt my body sway to the tremor. No damage was done to the house, nothing was broken or strewn and no injuries either. I did have a thought of concern for the the floor clock in regards to aftershocks; but, nothing happened.

There are many stories of animals sensing natural events as earthquakes before humans are aware of them. I can say after the several earthquakes that I have experienced in the last ten years, my cockatiel bird Larry is totally stupid to sense such events. I do not recall at all any agitation from him. Larry was not my smartest bird I have had in all my years of bird keeping.

Before going to bed, I did briefly call Merly to let her know about the quake and to reassure her that all is well.

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