Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yesterday was not a good day...

Even though it was considered the first day of summer, three major events happened in the afternoon and evening.

Firstly, I tried for over two hours to call Merly for our usual morning chat. I could not get a connection at all. Finally, I get a call; but, I recognize the incoming number as from the Philippines yet it is not Merly. I answered; and to my surprise, it was her using a friends CP. She explained that typhoon Frank hit the island. Merly assured me that she and the family were alright/no injuries but there is much debris cleanup to do. She also explained that the internet will be offline for several days. I trusted Merly for her assessment of the area and the clean up tasks ahead. I trust her for the simple reason, she has experience for this kind of weather. Being a Californian, my extreme weather experience is the high heat temperatures during the summer, and the floods of winter. My natural disaster experience is mostly of earthquakes ( as previously mentioned this month) Today, I was able to see some photos of the damage of Naval, Biliran. My level of concern for my Merly skyrocketed. I'm still trusting of Merly's judgement.more photos here

Secondly, at approximately 4:50 PM, a power blackout occured. The hot weather became fast unbearable since there was no cirulating air. The power lasted until approximately 10:30 PM.

Then the worst (and third jaw torquer) happened. My desktop would not turn on. Based on the research I was able to find, the blinking lights on the front and back of the indicate a Power Supply Unit problem. I still want to speak to a techie to confirm my findings. I have tons of images saved on it and I really want to recover them before the desktop has a total crash. Prayerfully, that is the problem and nothing more serious. The desktop is four years old and I'm thinking a new system will be needed soon. Actually, I want to get a new system within the next two months...

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