Saturday, July 12, 2008

I just noticed that our petition was for the first time touched yesterday 11 July!!
Touched in the vernacular of fiancee immigration visas is defined as being recently handled by somebody in the USCIS service center. This is the typical procedure:
When a person files all the required documents and fees to the United States Citizen and Immigration Services to petition to bring their finance(e) or family, a case number is issued. With that case number, the person is able to monitor the progress from when the petition arrives to the service center to Notifcations then Approval. Approval will be in the form of NOA(Notice Of Action). NOA1 always indicate when the petition arrived to the service center then the wait for the NOA2 indicating petition approval then to the US embassy of the foreign
fiance(e)'s country. For Merly, it will be the US Embassy Manila Philippines.

She and I are one more day closer to being together!!!

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