Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Two years ago this day, I received my very first email from Merly.
Two years ago, I began a most wonderous relationship.
Merly is the most fantabulous lady in all the universe and I am so blessed to belong to her.
I am imprinted and attracted to her.
I thank God for such a beautiful gift in the form of her.

Today, I received the letter to confirm that the fiancee petition was approved and is now being reviewed by the NVC (NationalVisaCenter). They will process the petition between two to four weeks than submit it to the US Embassy in Manila. Then the embassy will contact Merly to schedule an interview and medical exam. Merly and I are praying for the overall process to continue as smoothly (without the lengthy delay) as the USCIS did to give approval. We have estimated the entire process from NVC to Embassy approval to be completed by this coming October.

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