Sunday, September 14, 2008

Last night, Mom felt ill enough to vomit. I think she brought up everything in her stomach. I took her to the hospital emergency at about 9 Pm. It was approximately 1130 when I was able to see her. She was napping when I approached her and she woke to tell me that she was being prepped for a CT scan. The symptoms of nausea and pain were very similar to the first time this happened so the doctors wanted to keep her overnight for observation.
I called the emergency room this morning approximately 8 Am and the staff nurse indicated that Mom was admitted and she gave me Mom's room number. I was then transferred and I spoke to Mom and she sounded to be in good spirits. She indicated that again a tube was inserted through her nose to her stomach to pump out everything.
She said for me to call her at Noon (which is about 20 minutes from now)

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