Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Just a month and a few days past the US General Election. Many Americans and most of the world seem to have the mindset that the election of the democrat barack obama is some kind of historic event in the good sense. I do not share this view. I was not taken in awestruck wonder of this particular man. I was then (nor am I now) convinced that his slogans of "Yes We Can!" and "Change We Can Believe In." of something to be proud of. I was not part of the population that was so desparate for whatever reason to vote a Black man into the office of President Of United States that I would be willing to ignore the man's glaring inexperience of leadership and a plethora of other questionable facts regarding him. To be certain, I would like to see a person of color or a female as president; but, I would like to think I have enough sense to see that the person was truly qualified for the position. I do not think obama was vetted in this fashion. Well, as I drive around and see the obama car stickers, and listen to misguided people bestow praises onto the man, I am curious just how far and how terrible he will lead the country.

And to think all these years, jimmy carter was considered the most terrible president of the US...

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