Thursday, March 29, 2007

Aprroximately 10 years ago my friend and I was watching The Weather Channel on a weekend afternoon between RPG gaming sessions. The program subject was about tornadoes. One of the stories was about a particular tornado formation that caught our attention. The narrator spoke of how the formation appeared to be a giant man walking across the landscape. He also spoke of an Indian legend referencing the tornado formation. Part of the legend is that anyone who sees this formation is "A Dead Man Walking." I remember the eerie sensation blossoming through my shoulder muscles and cascading down my arms when I heard this and saw the image.

It took me all this time to find it because my image searches used keywords as 'tornadoes, dead man walking, weather.' Most of the time, I was mostly directed to the movie 'Dead Man Walking' starring the arrogantly stupid actors sean penn and susan sarandon. (this is all I will say about sean and susan at this moment. This post is about the fascinating tornado image)

Anyway, with the success of finding this image has given me idea of finding long lost videos.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Al.

Now, we have to find the video of the penguins....