Thursday, March 29, 2007

Good Hello.

I know it is wrong to hate; but, there are some things that I know if I brood on them long enough I can raise my blood pressure to unhealthy levels.

It seems rosie o'donnell has gone thermonuclear in her latest rant of moonbattiness about the British naval hostages specifically and the Bush Admistration in general on The View today. Youtube has the clip of it. I honestly tried to watch it but her ignorance is simply too much for me to listen. She has no facts or it is very distorted; and if she is challenged, then she shouts the opposition down. I do not hate her and others of her type. It would be a waste of my energy and damaging to my physiology. I simply have no respect for them. I can accept a person who has a different point of view from me but I do have to draw the line at some level when it should be obvious when they are distorting facts or consciously lying as most of them do. It has come to when a liberal or democrat is on video, I avoid listening to them. As strange as it may seem, I rather read their words than to hear their voices.

They are truly a bizarre collective of people.

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