Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Last night I got a call from my sister, Margaret, asking me about a bright object in the night sky at about 2245 PDT. The bright object was to the lower right of the moon. I was not able to identify it. It might have been a planet (which one I do not know) but I think it was too bright to be a star. (again Im not so sure). Margaret explained she and my niece Dru were looking for the space shuttle. It seems the ETA was very soon and they thought the bright object was it. I explained that the shuttle would not be so bright and would be traveling fast across the sky. A short moment after the explanation, I noticed two objects moving in an easterly direction. I assumed the objects being observed was both the shuttle and international space station. I quickly told Margaret the general direction to look and she, Dru, JT and Shasa were able to see both objects travel literally over our heads. I was fun to hear Margaret so excited about seeing them. Im grateful I was able to see them fly over head. As Margaret said, " This is a memory that can never be taken away."

The two photos taken in 2006 are of the shuttle and the ISS traveling across the sun. Obviously the sun was not visbile to Margaret, Dru and me last night and obviously the orbital altitude did not give us the observable detail as the photos; but, I chose the photos because they closely resemble the positioning of the two as they travelled across the night sky.

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in2lovett said...

That was too cool - it's amazing how technology is the way it is and for a brief moment, we can be part of it. Even if the distance is great between us and the event, it's still impressive to be able to witness such great but fleeting moments.