Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Yesterday I had my car's front tires changed. It was the most bizarre experience in a great while. As I was waiting, I quicly realized the Tv was tuned for ABC's The View. I promptly ignored it and read the newspaper. Fortunately, the volume was low enough so I would not have to listen. The moment came when I was finished my focus to the paper and for a brief moment gave some attention to the broadcast. I guess one of the subjects was about breasts in the most dumbest contexts (Do women really converse like this?) What came to mind was why was the shop Tv ( full of men working on cars!!!) tuned to the view?? Of what significance did this mondbogglingly stupid show have to offer?! There was a moment when I mentally answered my question in that the shop was simply catering to the female customers that might come in. Well, a lady did come in. After she completed her business with the front manager, she came over to the waiting area and sat down next to the Tv. She looked at what was on and proceeded to find herself something to read from her purse. Before she got fully engaged to her reading, she simply commented to me and asked if I watched the show. I only shook my head in chuckled agreement.

So I have first hand experience that some ladies do not care for The View either.

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