Friday, August 31, 2007

The South Koreans are heading home now. This report is indicating that ransom has been paid to the beasts. Ransom is also being mentioned here. (Please excuse the fact the second link is al jazeera) As bad as the entire event was; from the capture, the two murders, the mental and physical terrorism, what I am finding sad is that many South Koreans are directing their rage to the former hostages.
I remember something like this happening to Japanese civilians of receiving critical reception from their countrymen. I think their hostility to the hostages was because of the perception the civilians were 'peace activists' interfering with the coalition during the war.
The South Koreans were only trying to help a country living metaphorically in the stone age and were murdered and terrorized for their kindness.

All good deeds will be punished I suppose.

1 SEPT 07
It is becoming a he said/ he said in regards if the taliban have been paid ransom for the hostage release.

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