Saturday, August 18, 2007

South Korean Hostages

It has been a few days since the two women have been released and I was getting curious about the status of the remaining people. I was planning to do a search for any new information and I found this article earlier today. Each day of captivity that passes for them is a mental torture that is beyond description. I am simply unable to begin to imagine the horrific conditions they are being held in. It is of great sadness that it seems the world has both never bothered to their situation and does not seem to care. I only know of the South Koreans because of the Internet. Since their capture I can recall only two instances of the reporting on Tv. Since I get most of my current events from the Net and Fox News, I do not know if the print media is making reports.

Another eye rolling, heavy sigh releasing moment is I spotted this article. I am simply without words to say other than 'destroy every last terrorist and send them to the Hell that awaits them'. I am of the opinion President Bush was correct to say (paraphrased) 'With us or the terrorists'. I do not see any middle ground or a moment to give discussion or understanding of their view. They have no goal of their existence other than to kill for their vile interpretation of faith and religion.

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