Friday, August 17, 2007

I came across this article of how once again the 9th 'Circus Court of san francisco' has ruled in favor of enviromental emotions and has blocked efforts for Shell Oil to drill in Alaska. In my view, environmentalists of this type oppose the technological advances and techniques of the oil companies. The e-mentalists have knee jerk reactions to assume that the companies only want to destroy the land and seas for profit.

One of the groups that oppose drilling in the Artic region is Audubon. At their link, they have said how it is important to protect the land, flora and fauna because of its biological diversity. (diversity regardless of context is one of the liberals sacred words) Audubon also suggests alternative methods to produce fuels which is so needed. One of the methods mentioned is 'biofuel'. I must admit I know nothing about biofuel for the simple reason it is a concept the liberals are heralding. In my view the liberal left is consistently wrong for nearly everything so I do not bother to study up on this specific topic of theirs. The reason why I linked Audubon to this post is about their suggestion to use biofuel. Since they are so concerned about the enviornment including the plant and animal life, I really wonder how they would react (if at all) to what is happening to the orang-utang.True Audubon is an American group; but, would they care that one of the suggested fuel alternative is causing such in a different location of the globe?

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