Monday, October 08, 2007

He tasks me. He tasks me and I shall have him.-Khan

The quote is from a scene from what is considered the best sequel of the Star Trek movies
Star Trek II- The Wrath of Khan. If I remember the context of the scene, Khan was explaining his perspective of 'his obsession to destroy Kirk'. Khan believed that Kirk intentionally and constantly provoked him to challenge and combat. Never mind that Khan was genetically engineered with a super ego the size of Jupiter and a mental derangement of equal size.

What I am trying to explain is; in previous posts, I had said I would make greater effort to write about more of my personal observations. I really wanted to balance the plethora of current events I posted. Each morning there is something new to show how liberals and democrats are essentially 'out of phase' with reality. I have three examples

First is the usual collection of pathetic idiots laying about to display their derangement. As if lying on the ground to spell ginormous words have been effective to change policy in the past.
Second is cesspool city mayor gavin newsom proving to be a delusional liar claiming to support the military. How nice to ignore the previous episodes of military hatred especially as recent as the denial of the Marines to film a recruiting commercial.
Third is from a blogger updating about the oakland airport disrespecting the military. It seems the charter service will relocate to Sacramento. I can imagine some people will consider the relocation as a withdrawal. I am of the mindset to leave the liberal idiots. They are too busy praising cop killers; worshipping anything/everything but God; trying to rewrite history; segregate according to race, gender and social standing and generally showing woeful disprect for their own country.

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