Friday, October 19, 2007

The following is one of my favorite Halloween stories to tell. I decided to make it a Friday Funnie---

With Halloween approaching, I am again reminded of a workplace prank. At the time of the prank, I was working as an interpreter for a deaf/ blind guy that I knew since we were kids. He was born deaf; but, lost his sight as a young boy. David was a celeb at the workplace and he knew it. He took great delight in attempting to teach the other workers finger spelling and some various sign language. The other workers marveled at how fast that I could take their verbal instructions into a sign language short hand that David and I had developed. The day of the prank was a Friday and the end of the workday. Paychecks were handed out and the people were waiting for the bus. David was sitting with his flock of admiring groupies with me nearby if he needed me. He engaged his prank by signing with one hand to me and the groupies that his eyes were really irritated from allergies. With his other hand, he shielded rubbed his eyes. In the time it took for me to read his signs and then tell the others what David had signed, he lowered his hand from his face, grinning viciously. Emily asked why David was holding out his hand so I asked him. He said that his eyes itched then opened his hand. To everyone’s shocking surprise, David had removed both of his eyes. The prosthetic lenses gazed upward in the middle of his palm. There was a mix of gasps and screams at sight of his hand and David laughing as if he could actually hear their screams and gasps. Faster than a nuclear detonation, word of David’s false eyes had fire stormed through the workplace. After finally calming most of the workplace down, David went to the bathroom to rise off the eyes. Karma kicked in when David accidentally dropped one of the eyes down the drain. The eye was eventually recovered; and much to his pride, David had essentially secured himself a chapter in the water cooler gossip for a great long time.

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