Friday, October 05, 2007

I think I have reached an overload sense of posting current events topics that grab my focus. I have been trying to balance the amount of current events with the topics of a more personal nature. It seems lately I have slipped back to spending time on topics the major bloggers have been publishing and with their vast subscribers. My overload/burnout is because of what I percieve as a mindcrunchingly overbias from liberals in both political and social respects. Here are several examples of what I consider gobsmakingly bizarre, vile, unpatriotic, ignorant topics:

A C grade student sues for better grade, another jerkwad uses ADA laws for personal mentary gain, a blind guy complaining about the internet , the view replaces rosie with equally vile whoopie, code pink bigots in berkeley, slanderous jerkwads and their democratic lapdogs attacking Rush limbaugh for nonexistent military remark, and the gobsmackingly worst article is an UPDATE folsom street faire. **Be Warned** The folsom street faire article is sexually graphic of the most vile order.

I am going to try one week without any current events topics and focus on me and life. That should be really interesting...

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