Saturday, October 06, 2007

Instead of attempting to go totally without any current events topics as I lamented about yesterday, I am going to make a more focused effort to balance it with more personal postings.
Maybe I can integrate the two as one. For example, this moring I was again reading the newsweb sites and came across one of two gobsmackingly bizarre articles. The first is
this gem of a story about some pathetic jerkwad hoping to have sex with a female he met after two weeks. He goes on to describe himself and the female as eco-warriors and he asks the question is it ethical to use condoms. The replies are equally ignorant; and only in my view, be considered dumb beyond measure.
The second story of interest is this beauty in which Saudi Arabia is complaining of the lack of consideration Europe is giving to islam. It has always been beyond my reasonable comprehension as to why other cultures must bow to islam yet muslims have no intention of integration to the host society. Let us not forget Saudi Arabia is from where bin laden is from. This is the country from which 15 of the 19 murderous beasts of 9-11 came from. They have a culture frozen of the seventh century. How they have been and are now treating its citizens gives them no right at all to be complaining as to how other countries are to give respect for islam.

I for one will not respect either islam of the stupidity or environmentalism.

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