Tuesday, October 02, 2007

If you have not figured by now, I am conservative in my overall view of life. I will be married and become a father in due time.

So a homosexual takes a toddler to a hedonistic street fair and claim it as an educational experience for children then has the audacity to say that conservatives are closed minded. I say to the jerkwad it is not closed minded to refrain from dragging children to such an event. If is too self centered of his own desires and life style then he has not a single right to call himself a father. I will go as far as to say he might be a legal adult; but, he is not demonstrating mature parenting skills.

So the homosexual thinks he is enlightened to accuse conservatives of being closed minded to stand against such adoptions. Well, I wholeheartedly reject the accusations. I am not saying they can not have their stupid event; but rather, be mature enough to know children are not supposed to be exposed to such activity. I also suggest they be tolerant enough (which they truly are not) to promote the fair without blatently mocking The Last Supper with sextoys and sm/bondage devices.

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