Thursday, October 18, 2007

In three years time, I have noticed my eyesight has changed somewhat. My vision is blurry at close up range depending on the size and font of the text. I am finding myself looking over the top of my glasses to read prescription bottles and other fine print. At first, I did not give much thought of it then I did go have them examined. The optomitrist said that my current vision is just a natural part of my aging process. I suppose writing about it now is helping me come to a more better term of accepting it.

I remember the first moment I found a gray hair on my head. I joked around and had a very upbeat attitude about the gray strands. My changing eyesight is a different matter; but, I am keeping a postive attitude about it also. I suppse because nanay Lula has Macular Degeneration, I do have moments of concern if I have inherited the condition also. Whatever my eyesight condition is, I have never ever taken it for granted. I do remember having moments of imagination of having weaker or no sight. That will be the hardest for me to adapt to.

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