Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Today is becoming one of those bizarre days which you would rather stay in bed or at least bundled over in a snoozy weight comforter. I woke up this morning with an odd sensation; but, immediately ignored it. Getting Bob's breakfast was a change over because the microwave was not operating and the fridge seem to be out of power. Closer examination revealed that the microwave was simply unplugged and the lightbulb in the fridge needed to be replaced. Next I had some difficulties getting Bob dressed and ready. It got to the point that I decided to keep him home. I see that my decision was Spirit lead as about an hour later, I had to change and clean him. Shasa is wanting to play a marathon of hide and seek in which I do all the counting and seeking while she hides in the same exact place...That was wearing thin rather quickly. The most annoying element of the day is that my codebook is missing. I had last used it yesterday and now it is not where I thought I left it. I am trying not to be too bothered of it; but, I can still sense how it is affecting me. I do have a moment of concern that Shasa may have grabbed it and now it is where ever she may have left it. Keep in mind I am not blaming her. I am falling to my failsafe optimistic attitude that it is somewhere in the house and I only have to find it. I am prepared to start a new codebook; but, I still want the previous one.

I think my attitude of the day is mostly because of the weather. It is currently overcast, some significant amount of drizzle rain has fallen and the temperature is cool. I never liked this season. It feels so gloomy and depressing.

UPDATE--I think I have determined the reasons for my bizarre sensations earlier today. Something happened to JT at school. I will not speak any more regarding it as I am still adapting to the situation. My thoughts are flooded with what I must do to save him from further trouble.

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