Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Last night while chatting with Merly, she told me some news that left me gobsmacked. During my visit, we would eat repeatedly at the Goldilock's restaurant & bakery in Naval. On my seventh day we once again chose to eat at Goldilock's and had a nice conversation with the owner. He was impressed with my display of courtesies and use of Tagalog respect. Merly told me as said by her mother, the owner of Goldilock's asked nanay Lucena if her daughter has married a foreigner. Nanay Lucena said Merly and I were not yet married. The owner said for a man to make such a travel means he is very much interested. Nanay also said some of her friends at the Market had seen Merly and me about town. Everyone concluded the same in that I was handsome and Merly had made an excellent choice for a husband.

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