Friday, November 23, 2007

The past two days, I have been trying to keep updated in regards to typhoon Mina heading towards the Philippines. Merly told me before we said good nite about the typhoon warning so I have been paying attention as best as I could. Memories are still fresh from last year when the last storm had knocked down power for a few days. I could not contact Merly for a couple days. She was in Manila at the time. This time, Biliran is among the island areas designated Signal 1 meaning alot of wind and some rain. As of our last chat session, she and the family are doing well.

What I find amazing is that a people as the Filipinos prepare for such events as best as they can, endure and survive as best as they can then begin the recovery and restoration. As best as I can tell, they do not lazily sit back and replay the event and squeeze sympathy from the non affected public. Two years after hurricane Katrina, there are thousands of lazy, scheming, racially and politically driven jerkwad maggots still lying and blaming everybody for their incompetent handling and/or interpretation of the event.

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