Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Now that I am fully immersing myself in the in the immigration process to get Merly here into the US, I have no tolerance at all for illegal parasites as this jerkwadette. She admits to paying a smuggler to get her into the country illegally. She never tried to learn English in the years she has been here. She thinks by hiding in a church, then she will be safe. I say declare her a criminal, capture her then deport her arrogant illegal butt out of this country. As for the church that is assisting her in the foolishness, they are ignorant arrogant jerkwads of the most vile level.

I have no problem with people coming into the US throught the legal process of immigration by paying the proper fees and filing the proper papers. Anything less than what Merly and I have to do is criminal-PERIOD.

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