Thursday, January 31, 2008

The first month of the year ends with simmering rage. I despise the san francisco bay area. Some of the culture and its residents are the most vile jerkwad maggots to exist. As already indicated from previous postings, I avoid san francisco as much as all possible. As of today, I will gladly add berkeley and oakland to that list of cities to avoid because of this, this and this from from the so called center of Free Speech and enlightenment. This seems to be the conclusion from an incident at the Oakland Airport last year. It all started here. Then they later apologized.

I am surprised to say that after several minutes of contemplation, I still have not an appropriate description of the liberal democrats living there. I do not expect leeches and maggots to transform into monarch butterflies so I should not expect rationality, honesty, integrity and patriotism from leftist liberal democrats.

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