Friday, February 22, 2008

Just been informed that Bob's father, Robert has been making accusations of abuse on Bob and repeatedly called Adult Protective Services. One of the officers of that agency called to make inquiries so once again an investigation is in progress. I am curious as to how many calls Robert is making to APS. I am also wondering what is the response from APS. I know already of the two investigations. I wonder if Robert is constantly calling to make accusations will it reach the point that APS simply ignore Robert?
Robert's mental instability makes him dangerous to me (in my judgement) His accusations have forever altered the way I will view him. I do not have professional psychological training; but, from what I know his mental instability to hear destructive voices gives me serious concern when I am near him. I sense there is a coming confrontation between him and I. He is absolutely ignorant of the detail of care that is needed daily for Bob. Robert's foolish obsession for Bob's teeth is what I consider clues to Robert's increased mental failure.

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