Friday, February 01, 2008

Today; while going to appointments and doing errands, I heard on the radio that two retarded Iraqi women wearing explosives were killed along with dozens of innocents. This is one of the links regarding the incident and this is the other. I am at such a loss of words to describe my rage against these islamic animals. I am trying very hard not to use any vulgarity to describe them. islamic animals have beheaded men, beheaded girls, burned school girls, burned young boys, manipulated men and women into killing themselves while killing innocent civilians, flew planes into buildings, destroyed ancient sculptures, and murdered countless other innocents in the name of their vile beliefs. They are worse than the spit from a leperous maggot.

It enrages me to know these savage beasts are what our American military are fighting against. It infuriates me to know that ignorant fools such as the berkeley city council would call an official vote to harass the USMC recruiting office. It is obvious to me that those unpatriotic jerkwads of the city council are just as vile and disgusting as the terrorists. I am beyond words but I know there are many other bloggers out there much more verbally eloquent than me so they can take point to reveal how pathetic the liberal democrat left are. I do not care any more that some of my friends may be either liberal or democrat. All I do know is that liberals are constantly beating their chests about how enlightened and tolerant they are. Anecdotally they are the most bigoted segment of all societies.

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